Exploring Space Materials for Earthling Artists I (Private)

TUE 14 NOV 1PM An afternoon workshop in partnership with Suisha Inclusive Arts for members of COPE will explore materials developed here on Earth and used in space. Building on a modified curriculum for Spacecraft Materials Kit from the ESA’s ‘Teach with Space’ facilitated by SFI/ESERO, the workshop will explore the science of space materials through the creation of art utilizing aluminum, glass, graphite and other materials to create each participant’s vision of human spaceflight. Their work will form part of Materials Exploration weekend exhibit at the NSC.

Details and Booking:

  • Date: Tuesday 14 November 2023
  • Time: 2 hour workshop from 1 PM – 3 PM
  • Location: National Space Centre, Elfordstown Earthstation, Midleton

SUISHA INCLUSIVE ARTS promotes inclusion of people with disabilities through arts. COPE
FOUNDATION is a non-profit organisation that aims to enhance and support the lives of people with an
intellectual disability and/or autism. Members of the COPE community have been taking part in
organised workshops at Greywood Arts since 2022.

FRANCES McCARTHY is the Education and Outreach Officer at MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory, a former watchtower and now an award winning observatory for budding astronomers and scientists.

EILIS O’TOOLE is an art educator/facilitator and also a practicing visual artist. She is a graduate of Fine Art Painting from NCAD. She has also completed the Group Facilitation in the Arts in CIT Crawford School of Art Therapy.