Exploring Space Materials for Earthling Artists II (Public)

TUE 14 NOV 6:30 PM National Space Centre’s Chief Technology Officer Bruce Hannah will deliver a hands-on exploratory lecture on the the terrestrial applications of space technologies. Participants will learn about the
engineering of materials like Velcro, developed on Earth for use in space, and the application of space
technologies like LiDAR that are now used on Earth for everything from reversing cameras for car
parking to low-radiation X Rays.

Participants will have the opportunity to experiment and work with fabrics, paints, metals, adhesives and
other materials developed for use in space to create artworks that will form part of the Materials Exploration weekend exhibit at the NSC.

Details and Booking:

  • Date: Tuesday 14 November 2023
  • Time: 90 minute workshop from 6:30 PM – 8 PM
  • Cost: FREE
  • Location: National Space Centre, Elfordstown Earthstation, Midleton

BRUCE HANNAH is the National Space Centre’s Chief Technology Officer, focusing on Earth observation,
satellite ground infrastructure development, and space-based communications. He is a Galileo Master
and a manned space flight enthusiast.

EILIS O’TOOLE is an art educator/facilitator and also a practicing visual artist. She is a graduate of Fine Art Painting from NCAD. She has also completed the Group Facilitation in the Arts in CIT Crawford School of Art Therapy.