Long Day at Rocky Bay (2021)
Keith Levins

A shot that’s been on the cards since my first time shooting the milkyway with colleague Cian Ryan. Everything has to “line up” for this shot; no moon and the tide has to be fully out, between March and April. I had to move the tripod for this one, because I couldn’t track the sky from inside the cave. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t know how to align it without being able to see Polaris, but it’s always been about learning for me, and I’m still learning every day how to improve my work as a nightscape and milkyway photographer. Finally, a big shout out to everyone who has helped me along the way.

Bio: Keith Levins first got into photography in 2018 through landscape photography. When he discovered he could take photos of the stars, he fell in love and since 2020 has pursued nightscape photography, taking photos of the night sky around Ireland and overseas. Keith now talks about his work all over Ireland.

Sky 180sec x 6
Foreground iso 1600x60sec x 8 and extra 3 taken at 800 iso to blend me in on the rock
Gear Nikon d750 24-70 2.8 ioptron sky guide pro
My plan was to do star trails, but the clouds had different ideas. I ended up coming home with a single shot.
iso 8000 5 sec f2.8 40mm
z6 40mm sigma.”