SH2-115 and SH2-116 (2023)
Sara Harvey

Sharpless 115 is a large, faint emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus approximately 1.5 degrees northwest of Deneb. It displays a chaotic morphology of gas emissions and dark nebulae. It is powered by the hot stars and is located about 7500 light years away and is just under 100 light years in diameter. Sharpless 116 (circular object) was considered a planetary nebula but more recent studies indicate it is a small patch of emission nebula.

Bio: Sara Harvey is from Cork and recently won the ‘Out of this World’ category of the DIAS Reach For the Stars astrophotography competition for her image ‘A Galactic Dance’ of M51.


Telescope: Takahashi FSQ85

Mount: HEQ5 Pro

Camera: ASI1600MM Pro

3nm Chroma Oiii – 6.7 hours

6nm Astronomik Ha – 18.3 hours

6nm Astronomik Sii – 15.6 hours

Software: ASIAIR, Astro Pixel Processor, Pixinsight & Photoshop